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Papouis Dairies, a company which has experience in the production of halloumi for more than 50 years. Armed with a brand new factory which covers 5000 square meters equipped with hi-tech machinery for the production of halloumi, staffed by trained personnel, equipped with ISO 22000 and BRC certifications we have the ability to produce 12 tons daily of halloumi. This experience combined with the sophisticated production line that we have, makes us pioneers in producing excellent products and excellent quality only from milk

Our products

Learn more about our products. Halloumi, anari and other original cheese of Cyprus, all made with traditional production processes.

More on halloumi

Universally known as the traditional cheese of Cyprus, Halloumi is a semi-hard, un-ripened, brined cheese made from a mixture of cow, sheep and goat milk. Halloumi is unique in its taste and texture and is a constant staple of the Mediterranean diet.